Nine Month Fair 2020- What you should definitely not miss at the fair

Nine Month Fair 2020- Which you should definitely not miss at the fair

The household fair and the nine -month fair. For one the outing of the year and another should not think about it.Last Wednesday I was present for my blog at the nine -month fair and here you can read everything about companies and actions that you can expect.

The Nine Month Fair, the fair when you are pregnant

From 26 February to 1 March you will find the latest gadgets, must-haves for you, styling tips, the sweetest outfits, a super-large test trail for prams and much more! Actually just the place to go when you are a brother -in -law or have small children.

The Nine Month Fair Blogger Tour

Bloggers Fleur, Linda and Mirjam have been organizing the blogger tour at the Nine Month Fair for a few years now. Now I am already out of the small children, but because of my blog still involved in the topics of pregnancy and baby ’ s.

Blogger tour

Together with 12 other bloggers, I ran a blogger tour along various companies this day, which are at the Nine Month Fair. These companies received us with enthusiasm, we received a lot of information about (new) products, promotions and more. Today I list the companies that we visited, with the possible exhibition promotion.

The Difrax Glow in the Dark Pacifiers collection for Cliniclowns

The Nine Month Fair Blogger Tour started for us at the Difrax stand, where Difrax, the Limited Glow in the Dark Paco for Cliniclowns, was introduced here for cliniclowns. The first teat was handed over to Tim Douwsma. Tim himself has just become a father and has a warm heart for the CliniClowns.

You can recognize the cliniclowns pacifiers by the transparent butterfly -shaped shield with cheerful confetti. The center of the teat is glow in the dark so that parents can easily find the teat in the night. The CliniClowns pacifier is available in five different sizes from premature to 18 months plus.

As a result, they grow with the sucking needs and the face of your child.

The limited collection is exclusively available from March at the Albert Heijn, baby specialty shops, Wehkamp, Cliniclowns.NL/Shop and Difrax donates 1 € to Cliniclowns per sold pacifier.

Nine Month Fair Promotion: With the Voucher in the 9MD guide you can now buy a Newborn Clinicclowns Fopseen for € 2.00.

The Kruidvat and the opening act of the fair

Then we went on to the Kruidvat stand. The Kruidvat is the main sponsor of the Nine Month Fair. Logically too.

Kruidvat has everything for your baby and baby. From diapers and baby wipes to bottle feeding and clothes, at Kruidvat you can find it all. Kruidvat provided a piece of music during the opening of the Nine Month Fair.

Maestro participant Tatum Dagelet conducted and an orchestra of very small musicians made music.

Rightly a cozy opening.

The nine baskets promotion of the Kruidvat: 1 + 1 Kruidvat diapers (and other offers) + Kruidvat bag

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Tulle prams

Then we started the blogger tour at the Thule stand. At the nine -month exhibition, Tulle is among others with the Thule Sleek pram and the Thule Spring. Thule Sleek is for active parents in the city.

It is a beautiful and stylish pram that is designed to grow with the family, from baby to toddler.

The Thule Spring is new. This pram is a flexible, fun and functional pram for daily use. The Thule Spring is up to the task of making your daily life easier.

No challenge is too big for him. This pram is easy and quick to fold and takes up little space.

The hood of the Thule Spring is for sale in different colors.

Nine Month Fair 2020- Which you should definitely not miss at the #BloggerStour fair

Beurs promotion of Thule stab pram: a free launch pack when purchasing Thule Sleek pram.

Miffy: 65 years old

Nijntje has been in existence for 65 years this year and they are going to celebrate. For example, the happy box of Wij (which you can pick up if you are pregnant) is published in a Miffy Limited Edition this year. That means that all pregnant women who have registered for the free gift package of Wij – Including the happy box – Being able to pick up this limited edition in 2020 at Prénatal.

To celebrate Miffy Birthday, all pregnant women in the happy box also receive a Miffy Rammelaar and they can pick up a nice Miffy book at Prénatal as their baby six months old. For mothers with young children, fun activities will be organized later this year.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Miffy supports the sickle cell fund

Nijntje supports the sickle cell fund with campaigns and special Miffy products. Every year hundreds of thousands of children are born worldwide with sickle cell disease. Without treatment, the majority of these children will not be older than five years.

Unfortunately, sickle cell disease is unknown to many. As a result, too little money has been made available for research for decades.

In order to give the fight against sickle cell disease a helping hand, Nijntje would like to use her fame.

Miffy supports the sickle cell fund

Miffy, loved by children around the world, will use her fame to create more attention to sickle cell disease. Her goal is to raise 1 million euros for research into healing. To achieve this, a special Miffy hug and an exclusive Miffy booklet will be published in the coming months, the proceeds of which will be donated to the SikkelCelfonds.

In addition, many other activities will take place during the year.

The campaign will officially start at the Nine Month Fair 2020, where a brochure with information about sickle cell disease is distributed in all stock market bags. Because sickle cell disease is too painful not to know.

C&A Bio Cotton and their Nine Month Fair Action

Also C&A is of course present at the nine -month fair. Here you will find super nice rompers (including Mer Miffy, crocodiles or text) for a very nice price. By the way, did you know that if you buy a Bio Cotton Romper in the store, you get the second free when returning 2 old C&A Rompers and the Milestone Voucher.

Nine Month Fair Action A set of Milestone Cards when purchasing 2 Rompers

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Nuby at the 9 monthly fair

After the stands of Nijntje and C&A we went to the Nuby stand. At Nûby ™ they strive to be the welfare of babies and toddlers worldwideVOrder by offering an innovative, functional and fun product range, which ensures a safe and healthy oral development. At the Nine Month Fair you will find all kinds of familiar and new Nûby stuff.

With the experts of Nuby you can get an explanation about the products.

In addition to all products that are available at the fair, there are also surprises boxes. In the exhibition guide you can find a receipt with which you can participate every day in a competition with the price as a price full of boxes with the best Nûby has to offer. (1x/day a surprise box is given away)

Nine-monthly Fair promotion: Come and visit a NUBY PAPT TGV € 50,-+ All cups available on the fair for € 6.00

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Dooky-Design Dandelion

Dooky is one of the most appreciated accessory brands that are available. It all started with The Original Dooky. In the meantime, the Dooky range consists of a wide variety of “on-and-Around” car seat, pram and travel cash articles.

The new design Dandelion from Dooky is now available. The Universal Cover, Seat Cover 0+, the Universal Pads and the Hoody are all available in this beautiful, cute print.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

A must to purchase is the universal bag hook from Dooky. With this you can easily take your things with you and keep your hands free on the road! The bag hook is easy to attach to the pram or buggy, so that you can hang your bags on it.

In this way you always have your hands free to take care of your child when needed.

Because it is equipped with an anti-slip layer, the hook will stay in place and the pram will not be damaged. The hook is easy to click with one movement on the pram, buggy, stroller, shopping cart or roller.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Big changes start small

And then we came to the small kitchen. The small kitchen has a big mission: having every child grow up healthy and energetically. That is why they help parents and educators to make the best choice for their children.

They show that making the right choice in food and care does not have to be difficult.

Everything they make is organic, nutritious and of course. Such as sandwich spreads, 100% whole -grain cookies, tasty snacks and delicious paps. Both for you inside and outside.

And we are happy to share our knowledge. Because the more you know, the better you can make the right choices. Because big changes always start small.

9 Mermaps Fair Offer of the Small Kitchen: 5 products and a bag for € 10.00

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Essential oils in pure! Pavilion

At Puur with oil we were allowed to follow a workshop on essential oils . This workshop can be followed every day at the nine -month exhibition. Alka Jongsma. Owner Van Puur! with oil, explained the different types of oil, what effect they have and how you can use it.

We were allowed to smell different oil ’ s and were given an explanation about this.

We also received two oil ’ s to try ourselves.

Being pregnant is a special experience

‘ Happy Mama Happy Baby ’: being pregnant is a special experience. It is a wonderful opportunity to build more peace in your life and take good care of yourself. The better you feel, the more satisfied your baby comes into the world.

You can use essential oils to relax and connect with the child in your stomach.

Also if you suffer from hormonal fluctuations or pregnancy sickness, the oils can provide support. But even when the baby is there, with cramps, growth pain, good sleep and to promote breastfeeding.

Are you curious about what essential oils can mean for you and your baby/child then come to the workshops at the Pure! Pavilion. Every day at 12.30 and at 15.30 in the 9 Maagdenbeurs.


At Joolz we were introduced to the Joolz Aer. A new product from Joolz. A buggy that only weighs 6 kg and has a carrying strap for over your shoulder.

Ideal because if you want to take the buggy folded with you, you have both arms free for your child. And if you need the buggy again, you fold it out in an instant. Joolz Aer is so much more than a buggy.

With its compact and folding design, it is a buggy to be happy.

Joolz is known about his safe, ergonomic and stylish prams, which are easy to fold and maneuver. Everything is of high quality with elegant version. The products are made from sustainable and organic materials and offer your baby optimal comfort.

The products are timeless and for every pram they sell they plant a tree in the Joolz birth forest.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

The Joolz Aer is for sale in 5 colors: Mighty Green-Delightful Gray-Elegant Blue-Refined Black-Fantastic Red.

Bulbby-Personalized products with its own text and logo

That we -bloggers – not only take the perfect photo ’ s for Instagram became clear at the Bulbby stand, where we went completely loose in the Gifbooth.

By Bulbby we were surprised with a backpack with our blog name on it. Super cool and I will enjoy this a lot! Personally, I love the articles of Bulbby and I also have a few things from this.

For example, the boys walk with backpacks with their name and have their own pouch. At the Bulbby stand you can also have backpacks, suitcases or flag garlands printed.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps


We already met them during the Mamajury Day ‘ Aerosleep ’. Aerosleep Evolution Premium is a new aerosleep mattress package that, in addition to safe and optimal support, also a solution against Reflux! In no time you convert the Evolution Premium Mattress into a sloping surface that approaches reflux, and promotes your baby’s breathing and digestion and digestion.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

And Aeromoov

We also received a demonstration from the Aeromoov instant travel bed and the Aeromoov Air Layer. The instant travel bed of Aeromoov sets you up and fold in just a few seconds! It is super light and compact and you take it everywhere.

Moreover, it meets the strictest safety standards.

The Aeromoov instant travel bed:

  • Set up and store quickly in just 2 seconds
  • Light, weighs less than 5 kg
  • Compact
  • 2 levels: basic level + intermediate level for babies up to 2 months
  • To use everywhere
  • Qualitative mattress
  • Available in 3 different colors

The Aeromoov Air Later was specially developed to ensure that your child does not sweat in the buggy, maxi-cosi or car seat (you can see them on the right in the photo). The stove keeps your baby fresh and dry so that trips and travel during warm weather run carefree, for both you and your child!

Aerosleep Evolution Premium has been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award. You can vote for the Baby Innovation Award at HAL 08.BIA3

BoekStart and De BoekStartApp

And then we came to BoekStart. BoekStart was developed by Stichting Lezen and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. It is part of the Art of Reading program and is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

If you make your baby a free member of the library, he or she will receive the cheerful book start case containing 2 baby booklets, a bookmark and reading tips.

Nine Month Fair Promotion: Download the BoekStartApp, visit the stand and receive a book start spoon for free.

Waterwipes, pure care

During the nine -mouse we were introduced to Waterwipes. The purest baby cloth in the world. To provide babies buttocks, it is important to use only the purest products. The baby skin is thinner and 5x more sensitive than our own skin.

Just pay extra attention so which ingredients are in the products that you want to use to take care of this delicate skin.

For wipes that is very simple: water wipes are made of 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract and are therefore the purest baby wipes in the world. They are so pure that they can be used immediately from birth. And the best thing about water wipes is that they do not irritate the sensitive baby skin and can therefore help prevent diaper rash and other skin conditions.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

We were of course allowed to try these water wipes and they felt wet wet. Great to take care of baby legs and there is no odor about it.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

Maxi-Cosi Coral

Not in the blogger tour, but we still visited here: Maxi-Cosi. For me, Maxi-Cosi stands for car seats, but of course they have a lot more. Yet we now also went for a car seat to see the Maxicosi Coral. The Maxi-Cosi Coral is equipped with a unique double functionality.

The inside can be removed separately, so you don’t have to take the entire (heavy) Maxi-Cosi with you and leave it in the car.

This soft carrier can be easily contributed in various ways and weighs only 1.7 kg. The handles are easy to adjust, so that both parents and newborn children enjoy optimum comfort. J

The Maxi-Cosi Coral has an extra large and easily adjustable awning, so that your baby stays nice and cool on warm and sunny days. The screen is attached to the Safety Shell that can be placed on many Maxi-Cosi prams for a special outing or just for your daily rides. Your child can become nauseous on the way and fall or be spilled snacks and drinks.

Fortunately, the upholstery of the Maxi-Cosi car seat can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

The Maxi-Cosi Coral is for sale in five colors.

New at Stokke

Of course, Stokke should not be missing in our round about the Nine Month Fair. Because Stokke® introduces the Clikk ™ chair, an all-in-one package. When designing the new chair, Stokke has the experts – the parents – asked what the meal would really make easier.

The result: the all-in-one high Clikk ™ chair. A chair that you put together with ease and clean.

De Clikk ™ contributes to a carefree meal without hassle. 1-2-3 CLIKK!

The Stokke Clikk has a stylish and modern design without corners or holes. This makes scrubs after your little one has eaten, a thing of the past. You wipe the magazine so clean and can also be in the dishwasher.

The chair has three easily adjustable positions and offer optimum back and leg support for comfort and ergonomics at any age. The minimalist design offers the best balance between space and safety.

The benefits of the Stokke® Clikk ™ chair, an all-in-one package:

  • You assemble it in 1 minute – without tools!
  • Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years.
  • The adjustable footrest fits every age
  • Easy to clean and the food sheet is allowed in the dishwasher
  • Everything is included: high chair, food sheet & safety

Stokke Beat

Stokke® also introduces their new pram: the Stokke® Beat ™. This pram takes hardly any space, is light and is ideal for your daily (city) life together with your child. The Beat is a leading renewal in the “small, light prams” category and the only one who actually has all the desired qualities.

De Beat brings a balance between possibilities, functions and compactness that you have never seen before and so you experience the city at your own pace and without worries!

New pram – new fabrics

De Stokke Beat offers a choice of various colors and accessories to personalize your pram. The textile is water-repellent (PFC-free) and thanks to the UPF 50 it offers an extra protective layer against the sun for your precious passenger.

Stock Exchange: Tripp Trapp Peter Support Free Graven + Free Bibetta Slab (TWV € 9.95) When purchasing PlayTray from € 44.95 for € 39.95

Baby Innovation Award

Until Saturday you can still vote for the Consumer Award of the Baby Innovation Award. The Baby Innovation Award is organized annually by the trade magazine Baby World in collaboration with the Nine Month Fair and is the opportunity to present the latest baby products. The result is determined by nominations and scores of the professional jury and the score of Mama Jurydag.

All products can be seen at the Nine Month Fair in Hall 8 of the Nine Month Fair. The winners of the Baby Innovation Award are already known:


Yet you too can still vote and we for the Consumer Award. During the Mamajury Day, 5 products were nominated and during the fair you (until 29 February) can vote for the Nine Month Fair Consumer Award.

Roders at Zeeman

Our last stop during this blogger tour was the Zeeman stand. Zeeman should not be missing in this list, because if your baby is saying, you say Zeeman. They too have a very nice nine -month fair promotion: a free bodysuit for you if you’ve just become mum or dad or if you get that soon.

Well made of organic cotton, with stretch. They love that. Enter your details in advance and you will receive a voucher by e-mail.

With this voucher you can pick up the bodysuit at the Zeeman number 11 stand.318 Hall 11.

You can participate once in this promotion. View the promotion conditions here.

Nine Month Fair 2020- From pregnancy to the first steps

The bloggers of the blogger tour

What a fantastic day I had with this group of bloggers. Today they also have an article online about the nine -month fair and I would say, also take a look at him on the site:

  • Fleur – Mamaslief
  • Miranda Living at home
  • Merel-Lotus Writings
  • Tamara passion women
  • Maarten – Dad ’ s world
  • Rob – Papblogger
  • Ellen – Mamascrappelle
  • Marjolein – Olivette
  • Mary-Lou – Mamalou
  • Linda – Mamal love
  • Miriam – More from Mir
  • Amands – Kiddowz

Did you know that there is at the Nine Month Fair:

  • everything is available: food slounges (with lactation advice!), Version spaces and ATMs?
  • There is a super fun and handy app available on 1 February with which you can also “scratch” nice gifts? nine -month fair.NL/App
  • With your ticket on the same day you also have access to the Huishoudbeurs and the Pasar Colors Festival?
  • Nine -month fair also publishes this edition a unique shopper? This year with Miffy in the lead role. For € 4 for sale at nine -month fair.NL or at the special issue points in halls 9 and 11 and inside at Entree F.
  • A visit is also definitely worth a toddler or toddler?

Information Nine Months Fair

Date: Wednesday 26 February to Sunday 1 March 2020

Location: RAI Amsterdam, Hall 8, 9 and 11

• Daily from 11.00 18.00 hours
• Thursday 27 and Friday 28 February of 11.00 – 22.00 hours

  • In the presale up to and including 25 February at nine -month fair.NL: € 17.95
  • Online during the exhibition at nine -month fair.NL: € 19.50
  • At the checkout € 22.
  • € 13.50 evening card, available at nine -month fair.NL (only valid on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 February from 17.00 hours)
  • € 7.50 Child 5 to 16 years
  • Free child 0 to 4 years

It has become a whole story of a very nice day. A number of these products will be discussed extensively in another article.