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Do your kids already have the LEGO Life App??

Do your kids love LEGO® but are they too old for the free LEGO® Life Magazine?? Then they can make the switch to the LEGO® Life App.

LEGO® Life Magazine for 5 to 9 years old

Are your kids already members of the free Lego Life magazine? LEGO® Life Magazine is great fun for kids from 5 to 9 years old. It is packed with comics, activities, posters and much more. I was honestly pleasantly surprised that in addition to all the LEGO® magazines that are already out there, there was also a free copy.

Signing up was super easy and before we knew it, the magazine arrived in the mail four times a year.

Share your own photos’s

When they turn nine, the magazine stops, but kids can join the LEGO® Life App for free. This free App is a safe place for kids to get inspiration, share their LEGO creations, watch videos, create characters and much more.

Signing up for the LEGO® Life App

Signing up for the LEGO® Life App is easy. Your child can download the app on their phone and then you as a parent have to give them your email address. you get a code through the mail and with this code your child can open an account. Create this account and they can get started.

Share creations via App

Share your photos’s of LEGO® builds, but also marvel at others' builds and like them? Then give it a like! Built into the LEGO® Life App is a safety that teaches children how to safely share their photos’as well as how to post comments and add friends.

An App Benefit

Here at home we build a lot with LEGO®, but we also take a lot apart. Advantage of the App is that the boys are so eager to upload pictures’s that their whole room is tidy because the cubes are used to build.