Never miss out on buying clothes online again

Never miss out on buying clothes online again

Buy clothes online and miss out. Personally, I’m always a little hesitant to buy clothes online, so I was curious as to how I can avoid a mis-buy in the future. But really never buy one wrong again?

Never say never.

Buying clothes online

I still like to buy my clothes from brick-and-mortar stores. Just so I can try them on. Often I see clothing on a mannequin and think it looks great. If I try on the clothes myself, it can look totally wrong.

By trying on I avoid a bad purchase. This can also be done online. If you buy clothes online, you look at them with an eye of ‘they are beautiful.’ But whether it looks good?

You only know when you put it on.

The possibility of return

Lately, I too have been looking online for clothes more and more often. How easy is it to buy clothes from the comfort of your couch?. And then when I see a picture of a cute dress, it really wants to fuel my desire to buy.

Yet I find this difficult; because what size should I take and will it fit? Sometimes it says with the model, how tall she is and what size she wears, but how does it look on me? Of course you can return clothes, but to be honest, when I buy something new, I want to wear it immediately.

Knowing the right sizes

Even the husband is not yet completely into buying clothes online, but what I did learn from him is that you have to measure your sizes once and for all. If you have done this, it saves a lot of mis-buying. Two years ago I learned about the online site hemdvoorhem and ordered a shirt for men. Because I found it incredibly difficult, which size to choose, I followed a step-by-step plan of ‘measuring the right size here.’

To measure is to know

After measuring and noting down the sizes, I then ordered a shirt. This one looked very good on him and fit very nicely too. He was very pleased with the comfort and I was very pleased that the shirts are iron free. Now, men don’t have to wear a suit to work, but a decent shirt is desirable.

Since he liked the first shirt he bought so much, he said I could order another one. He chose a black/gray shirt by Olymps. Because I measured the sizes correctly the first time, I didn’t have to do this again and could order this shirt right away. This one looks great again, the model is modern fit and that fits him well.

The shirt is very comfortable to wear and the fabric is very nice; according to the man.

Tips for buying clothes online:

I once had my measurements taken at a lingerie store. I have enjoyed this for ages, because when I buy new, the bra fits immediately and I never buy the wrong size again. Tips for buying online:

  • Look carefully at the advice the sites give about clothing sizes. Sometimes it says in centimeters how tall the model is wearing the dress or pants.
  • Measure once well all your measurements and write them down, you can use them the next time so again.
  • If your size is not there, you can often indicate that you want to be notified when your size is available.
  • Measure your body with a tape measure or have it done. Do this without clothing on. For the chest, calculate the widest part. You measure your waist through the narrow part of your upper body. The hip circumference is just the widest part of the hips, about 20 centimeters below the waist. Your leg length is measured from your crotch to the floor.
  • Follow the size chart on the site.
  • Webshops have discounts quite often, think of the summer period when I got somewhere 12.50 discount with the code holiday, watch this because it can save a lot.
  • I also received a 10% discount the other day when I subscribed to a newsletter. Still nice.

Happy Socks at Hemdvoorhem

By the way, did you know that they also have super cute Happy Socks at Hemdvoorhem. Not only do they look super nice, they also wear very nicely. The fabric of the socks is very soft.

The socks come in a super nice gift box, so also very nice to give as a gift.