Creative Crafting for Christmas

Creative Crafts for Christmas, with Clear Explanations

Creative Crafting For Christmas, That was the Assignment I Got With The Viking Christmas Bloggers Box. This box was Full of Craft Supplies I Could get to work with. Today I Am Sharing My DIY Ideas.

The Viking Christmas Box

What a Beautiful Christmas Box I Received. A Box That Makes My Creative Heart Beat Faster. I'm Usually Creative in Drawing or Crocheting and Knitting, But I also Like Crafts A Lot. And Especiate If It is for Christmas. I Love This Holiday Season. In The Box was, Among Other Things:

  • Wooden Disc * Christmas Balls
  • Stamp Kit *Glitter/Decoration
  • Caligraphy Pen *Drawing Paper
  • Paint Seal Kit * Wood
  • Rope * perforators

Get Ideas on Pinterest

When I Opened the Box I Actual Wanted to Get Start Crafting Right Away. I got all child of inspiration, but decided to create a board on pinterest with Christmas diy first. This way I Could think carefully about what I wanted to make for Christmas and see if my creative idea was at all feasible to execute. What Did I Make And How Did I Make This? Below you can see and read it all.

Creative with Wood

For My ‘ Creative for Christmas ’ I Started with a Christmas Pendant Made of Wood with Pendants. What Did I Use For This:

  • branches
  • Jute Yarn
  • Wooden Disc
  • baools
  • washi tape
  • Paint
  • glitter
  • black marker
  • glue

How to make this Christmas Pendant for Christmas:

Tie the branches together with the jute yarn, leaving a long loop. Paint, Draw or Write on the Wooden Disc a drawing or text that you like and cut a piece of jute yarn and tie it to the disc and to the branches.

Take A Bauble And Stick Washitape Around It. Put Glue on the Bottom Edge and Then the Glitter. When It's Dry, Remove the Washitape. For the other bauble I Used Washitape to Decoration It.​

Glass Tea-Light Holder

The Next Creative Project was the Glass Jar. Here I wanted to make a tea light holder. What Did I Use:

  • A Glass Jar
  • cover paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • Jute Yarn
  • charms
  • Cookie Shape or A Star
  • Tea Light

Measure The Circumference of the Glass On The Tracing Paper And Cut It To Size. Then Trace The Shape Of The Cookie Shape On The Paper And Cut It Out. Stick the Paper On The Glass Jar. Possible Hang a Charm or Two on Jute Yarn and Wrap It Around the Jar.

A Creative Calendar

You can buy a countdown calendar but you can also make your own. A Countdown Calendar is Always Fun and I decided to make one with the little cards and envelopes that came in the box.

  • A branch
  • Jute Yarn
  • Small Envelopes
  • cards
  • colored fineliners
  • washi tape
  • stickers
  • contents

First I Decorated the Envelopes with Washi Tape, Stickers and Wrapping Paper. Then I wrote the cards. On Each Card I wrote a Message, Quote or Something Else. On Saturday I put in the envelope their pocket money. With ST. Nicholas A Chocolate Coin and With the Birthday Confetti. Note that I Forgot to Put a hole in the top of the card and envelope. This Is How I Went Through My Text With The Hole Punch.​​

Creative with Christmas cards

NOW I REAXT ENJOY BEING Creative, But Having a Box of Ideas Like This also Takes Me Out Of My Comfort Zone. So I Got to Work with Stamps, I Could Punch a Reindeer or Snowman in the Christmas Cards. And wrote thesis with my beautiful calligraphy pen. Another Thing I'm definitely going to use for my Christmas cards is the Lacquer Stamp Kit, I've already tried it and it's a bit of a puzzle to figure out how much lacquer I need, but it looks really nice. Surely It Gives Something Personal To The Already Personal Christmas Cards I Will Be Sending This Year.​

Enthusiastic to start crafting

This Box I Got From Viking Direct, A Webshop Full Of Office Supplies. ESpeciate for Christmas, They Sent Blogger Boxes to a Group of Creative Bloggers in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Austria! You can follow us on Instagram with the hashtag #vikingxmasdiy. Find many more fun and creative Christmas diy here. Feel Like Doing Some Crafting Yourself, Take A Look At The Hashtag!