Ideal toys for on the go and at your vacation destination

Ideal toys for on the road and at the vacation destination

A long car trip or a plane ride to the vacation destination. How to keep the kids entertained? But also when you are at the vacation destination, what toys do they play with and what do we take with us??

Looking at the screens during the car rides

We have flown to America several times in recent years and the boys were fine with this, as they were allowed to watch the TV screen in front of them for hours at a time. But even in the car these days they have a DVD screen in front of them, and if it’s up to them they’ll spend the hour-long car ride to their vacation destination just watching TV. But I disagree and ask them to bring toys for the road as well.

This is how we take turns.

What to do along the way

On the road we have to deal with little space, unexpected movements or interruptions. Playing under these conditions is quite difficult. Sometimes toys are fine for traveling, here I think of cuddly toys or cars. However, special travel toys have also been developed. The toys have a handy size, have as few loose parts as possible (that only gets lost) and are usually suitable for only one or two players.

Ideal for the car are the handheld computer games, but you can also have fun drawing in the car. Of course, what is also great fun is just looking outside, possibly with binoculars, seeing what is passing by around you.

These toys are super fun for the vacation destination

And then after a (long) journey you arrived at your vacation destination. In our case, this is most camping and after setting up the tent, we are ready to sit quietly. The boys are not. They will first look for the playground and then ask, shall we play a game??

And we always have them with us in multiples. There are so many fun games to take with you on vacation. From I received a press release with fun toys for your vacation destination.

Read along?

Dobble (Beach): Dobble is a great fun card game for young and old alike. In this fast-paced card game, players simultaneously search for 1 equal symbol on two different cards. Speed, observation and reflexes are key to winning this game!

Dobble Beach is a variation of Dobble, but with a summer twist! This Beach version is completely waterproof and comes with a beach bag, so ideal to take with you on vacation!

Jungle Speed (Beach): A clever game for quick hands! In the card game Jungle Speed, you try to lose all your playing cards as quickly as possible. You can do this by being the first to grab the totem if the shape of a figure on your card matches the shape on an opponent’s card. But beware, as some figures look the same, but are not! Concentration and speed are very important.

And that’s not all: special cards make it just a little more complicated for even more hilarity in the game! A Beach version of Jungle Speed is also available, which is waterproof and includes a beach bag for easy travel.

Piglet:Piglet is a popular game of chance. You throw two pigs, the way they land on the table determines the number of points to be won. You get to try to predict the outcome of the other players. Can you guess correctly? If not, you lose points.

Whoever scores 100 points first wins. But beware: you only have to throw the wrong way and you can start all over again… There is also an inflatable XL version of Piglet available, great for the garden, on the beach or in the water and a travel version that is easy to take with you in your bag or suitcase!

Toys from the past are coming back

Do you remember? Elastic? We did this everywhere and always and what fun we had with this. Nowadays it is much more modern, see here:

SkippyDance, as it is called, from the makers of Ztringz! Ztringz! himself his Rainbow colored finger strings. We used to do this too, but those strings certainly weren’t as cheerful as these you see now.

Also great for camping

But besides games and ( old fashioned) rubber bands, there are more toys for outdoor play fun, at home and on vacation:

Phlat Ball Swirl: The Phlat Ball Swirl has an updated look. This disc transforms into a ball in mid-air! Playing outside has never been so much fun!
This ball is not only a ball but also a disc. Powerful suction cups allow you to squeeze the ball, making it flat as a disc, or for travel. If you give the ball a few seconds of space, it will pop open again into a ball by itself!

While throwing the Phlat Ball, pressure is exerted outward, causing the suction cups to separate and you can throw one disc away while the other catches a ball!

EZ-Grip Ball: This funny little ball has tremendous bouncing power! The E-Z grip is ideal for scoring impressive catches in wide open spaces. The elastic outer web improves grip and the inflatable inner ball makes for great bouncing in any ball game!
The E-Z Grip Ball is specifically designed to bounce nicely and still be easy to catch and throw. The grip on the outside specially designed for optimal grip. The inside contains an inflatable ball for the bouncing effect.

Zoomball Hydro: Be quick and shoot the ball back to your opponent, otherwise the Zoomball Hydro will explode and you will get wet!
Hold one set of handles while your opponent holds the other side.
Forcefully spread your arms open and fast and watch the Zoom Ball shoot at your opponent! But just expect the ball to come back again, because the Hydro Zoomball has a timer that causes the balloon inside the ball to burst and the person closest to it to get all wet!

Plenty of toys to play with on the road and at the campsite ( or other vacation destination)