The Lockdown Games

The Lockdown games. A photo game to play at home against other families

Now that we work from home as much as possible, the children do their schoolwork at home and spend a lot of time together, there is also occasional time for relaxation. That’s why every Wednesday and Sunday is Das Box’s Lockdown Games. A free photo game to play at home against other families. Do you join in?

Working at home and education

Yesterday it took some getting used to, but today we are already fully in the rhythm. The four of us at home, indoors all day. My husband works at home, I’m on the laptop working on my blog and the kids are homeschooled via Google Classroom. Since this situation will continue for at least three weeks anyway, we make sure to keep the rhythm of every day at home. We may get up half an hour later, but after breakfast the boys grab the laptop and start homeschooling. We can then get down to business and follow work and school hours as much as possible.

Families compete against each other to drive out coronagraphs

The children are busy with their schoolwork, on Wednesday we stop at 12:30 like every Wednesday and on the weekend they do not have to do anything about school. Should they get bored now or just for relaxation, Das Box, developer of urban games, organizes the Lockdown Games, a photo game to play at home against other families. From now on, children can have fun on Wednesdays and Sundays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. with tasks and riddles specially adapted to quarantine times and perfect to perform at home. How does it work?

Now that playing outside is no longer possible, Das Box organizes Lockdown Games
Copyright image: Das Box

Every Wednesday and Sunday Lockdown Games

Every Wednesday and Sunday morning, a game code and set of assignments for that day will be available on the company’s website. The game runs through a messenger chatbot and is completely free and can be played independently. Points are awarded for each task, thus creating a ranking between the participants and eventually a winner is chosen.

Doing your bit in this day and age

“We also wanted to do our bit in these difficult times. Now that playing outside is no longer allowed, we simply bring the game inside!”, says manager Kristof Van den Branden.
The Lockdown Games will be held free of charge as long as coronagraphs are in effect. Who wants to participate can already surf to

This is how to play the Lockdown Games

On the Das Box site you can read all about the rules of the game, but here in brief:

  • Form a group of 2 or 3 players, for example with your brothers or sisters. If there are more: divide the group into several teams of 2 or 3 players.
  • the game is every Wednesday and Sunday in the afternoon (2 p.m.) and you can play for free.
  • At 4 pm they will announce the 2 winners of the game: that is the team with the most points, but also the team that sent the cutest photo to Super Sam. You play when you want, on wednesday or sunday
  • If you want to play along, go to Facebook Messenger on your mom or dad’s phone and search for Super Sam. Search for supersamdasbox in Messenger or tap in the browser of your phone. Send a message to Super Sam, e.g. ‘Hello’ and Sam will ask you for the game code.
  • Return Wednesday to the Das Box page, here appears the game code with which you can play. And at 2 pm the game starts!

Do you also participate?

When I got the message about the Lockdown games in my mail yesterday, I immediately thought that it will be nice to be able to offer some form of recreation after all the homeschooling for a while. Do your kids participate too?

photo’s lodiblogt/das box

The Lockdown Games were such a success last Wednesday that it has been decided to play this photo game on more days. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can now sign up and join in.