Fashion dolls and accessories Na! After

Fashion dolls and accessories from Na! After! After! Surprise – Saint tip

It’s time for an overload of Na! After! After!

Surprise glam, because this fall Na!

After! After! Surprise has a high plush, fashion and cuddly content. And what young lady wouldn’t want this?

New series of fashion dolls and accessories are coming out.

Here you see them all!

After! After! After! Surprise

Now that the evenings are getting longer and the temperatures are dropping, it’s time for an overload of glam from Na! After! After!


This fall they will release a new series of fashion dolls and accessories with again a very high plush, fashion and hug content. And of course a look that is always inspired by their favorite animals. Time to invite your besties to the best sleepover party ever! Get your sleeping bags ready.

Fashion dolls and accessories

When I look back to when I was young myself, I could spend hours playing with dolls and their accessories. And I am sometimes jealous of today’s children, because they all have such nice toys these days. Looking at Na’s fashion dolls and accessories!

After! After! Surprise is the following new:

Teen Slumber Party

Meet the two new Teens Slumber Party sets Lara Vonn and Mila Rose; two new soft, cuddly and poseable fashion dolls (28 CM). Lara Vonn was inspired for her look by a teddy bear and Mila Rose by a Persian kitten. They wear cute pajamas, slippers and an eye mask for a super fun slumber party.

They are both ready for a super fun sleeping party with their girlfriends.

  • Sinterklaas tip Mila Rose

3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom

Discover the fashionable 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom playsets. This cute, soft playset is 3-in-1: a stylish backpack, a cute bedroom playset with o.a. a bed, wardrobe and mirror and a limited edition fashion doll.
Jennel Jaguar has beautiful, long hair and is wearing her favorite piece of clothing: her cute, fluffy jaguar hat. The backpack is soft and fluffy in Jaguar style, with a look that perfectly matches Jennel’s personality. Sarah Snuggles also has beautiful long hair and this set is completely teddy bear look and style which suits Sarah’s personality.

gift tip Fashion dolls and accessories the 3-in-1 backpack bedroom

Unique beautiful dolls to collect.

Glam series

Sleep well and ready for a little glam in the morning? Add even more glamor to your life with the Na! After!

After! Surprise 2-in-1 soft fashion doll from the GLAM series!

You get 2-in-1 with a soft fashion doll and a collectible animal-themed metallic fabric bag with clip! The Glam series sparkles like never before with breathtaking animal themed doll fashion. The Glam series includes 6 super cute, soft fashion dolls to collect.

Teen series 2

Plush and glamor are part of their way of life. They have a penchant for beautiful fashion and always look perfect whether they’re hanging out with their friends or walking the fluffy carpet. They are wild about style.

The Na! After! After!

Surprise Teens are beautiful, soft 28 cm fashion dolls with lots of personality and a glamorous style. Collect all five!

Recommended retail prices:

Teens Slumber Party: €44.99, 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom: €49.99, Glam Series: €25.99, Teens Series 2: €39.99

For the Christmas and Sinterklaas wish lists

Who don’t make you happy with these fun fashion dolls and accessories. Because that’s it with Na! After!

After! Surprises, you not only have a nice doll in your hands, but also nice accessories that belong completely to this doll.

You will make every doll mother happy with this! Are you now looking for even more dolls? Then consider Rainbow High.