March spread get inspired Bullet Journal

March spread, get inspired Bullet Journal

What does the month of March look like in my Bullet journal? I always work ahead, just because I'm a real planner. At the beginning of the year, I decided to photograph my Bullet Journal once every month and show it here.

Why a Bullet Journal

So last year I finally started a Bullet Journal. And from moment one I love it. I am a real planner and was still walking around with a diary.

Also fine, but in a Bullet Journal I can use all my creativity. I myself am not so, that I only start my month at the moment of the first of the month. I really do work ahead.

In February I make March and so on.

Pinterest and inspiration

I get inspiration mainly from Pinterest and from other bloggers. There are so many sources of inspiration on blogs and Instagram that I learn a lot from. I see so many beautiful spreads coming by that I keep busy.

For my cover page I typed ‘bullet journal March’ and came to a pin, which I really liked and so I drew it after.

A month and weekly log

But what is a weekly log or a monthly log? I had to learn it all too. And for those who don't know. Each month you start with a cover page of that month, the next page is then a month overview.

So 28-30 or 31 days, where you can already write down appointments. In March I will make a log with 31 days. Then you make a week log, I make a new log for each week with space for notes and tasks I have to do.

I write, eat, paste and do just what comes into my head, or what I see others like.


And now it's already March. I take a break from my blog during the vacations these days, purely because I, too, just want to recover for a while so that I can continue fresh and fruity after the vacations. Because let's face it, blogging is not a hobby anymore. So this time not on March 1 but a few days later my blog full of Bullet Journal Ideas. .