Being able to do more than I can now, are there still things

Be more than I can now, are there still things I dream of?

For years I was a nurse. I worked within several hospitals and worked longest and most enjoyably in the Orthopedics departments. Here I was totally in my place. Now I am no longer BIG registered and have to call myself ‘non-practicing’.

I do miss it sometimes although I get to take care of my children every day ‘’ so a little bit of dexterity I do keep in it. If I had a dream this would be writing. I used to write a lot and now I do it with my blog.

That dream has come true, but is there anything I would still like to do?? sure, because dreaming is healthy, right!

Nurse off

My sister was and I think is ( she lives in America, so I can't check) a real nurse. I was one too, but not a real, proper one! I was not a race nurse, although I really enjoyed my job, after a few years I knew that my enjoyment was more in writing plans, making schedules, talking to doctors and leading. That's why I went to study Care Management.

This was totally my study and my job.

Sick children is making choices

When both boys in this house turned out to have chronic illnesses after they were born. I continued to work and study for several years until caring for them became too hard. We noticed it was killing us and then made the decision to both quit our jobs and we went on a seven-month RV trip across America and Canada. The worry didn't go away, but we did find out that with rest and regularity our boys were doing much better.

So the decision not to go back to work after the trip was not difficult at all.

Weight consultant

I tried for a few more years as a weight consultant, but this dream did not turn out quite as I had hoped. Maybe you have already read this and otherwise you can read here how I deal with new opportunities.


Since I blog I realize that I am actually back to my old and first love. namely writing. I used to keep whole notebooks full of stories, I loved doing this as a manager and I have been blogging full time since the beginning of this year. I fully enjoy this and am in my element.

So this dream has actually come true, although I continue to develop and want to do so with my blog as well.

But what would I really like to be able to do

But still there is something I dream about from time to time, like ‘ If I could’. Yes there is that dream and thought sometimes. I crochet and knit a lot.

I always use patterns from the Internet, for example from the site Freubelweb or Creachick. I also get patterns from magazines such as Simply crochet and Simply knit. What I find very difficult is if I have to adjust something in a pattern. For example, I recently crocheted a fox vest for the youngest and it wasn't in his size.

As a result I had to take this one off three times before it fit properly.

What would I really like? Well! I would love to be able to make my own patterns. patterns for sweaters or stuffed animals and maybe more. This seems so cool.

That the boys would ask, ‘mummy would you make this’ and that I would make it just like this, write it out and make up a new pattern. Now I look it up and get it from the Internet. Super easy! But it's never my design.

To be honest, I don't think this is something I will ever be able to do, but the dream remains and who knows, maybe one day I will be able to return to it.

Do you have something that says, I would love to be able to do that?