A phone plan for the kids

A phone plan for the kids. What to choose?

Do you still have a landline? We haven’t for years. Both boys have a mobile phone. Our oldest son has a Sim Only subscription, our youngest does not.

Now they don’t always go out together. Time for us to start thinking about a phone subscription for him.

A Phone Subscription

Both boys have had a phone for a few years now, in the beginning they only used it to play games. However when the eldest turned ten he got a Sim Only phone plan. Since he already had a phone we didn’t need to buy more. We initially opted for a prepaid Sim Only. Now that he starts using his phone more often, I find that I actually prefer to switch to a Sim Only subscription.

Especially when he goes to higher school, he’ll just start using his phone more often and that’s why a subscription is cheaper.

What do we choose now

The youngest will turn ten in a few months and our idea was to give him a prepaid Sim Only card. Because he is the second, his path has of course already been walked by his brother. Which means he’ll also go out on his own faster. Alone on a bike or just going to a friend’s house.

Actually, I would like it if he could also take his own phone with him. For this reason, we are now thinking of getting him a phone subscription in advance. Those few months don’t really matter and with a Sim Only subscription he can always be reached by us.

I am loyal to my subscription

I also have a Sim Only subscription from day one that I call a mobile phone. In all those years a lot of phones went through and subscriptions too. The landline phone left the house, but I also started using my mobile phone more and more because of blogging.

I sometimes wonder how we used to do it anyway, before cell phones. I would hardly know what it felt like to just not be reachable for once.

A phone lasts much longer

Although I did change my phone plan I still have a Sim Only plan and I like it, especially since the phones of today last so long. In the old days you could hardly last 2 years with a phone, then it really needed replacing. Nowadays you can go for years so all you need is a new subscription.

Pay attention to which deal is right for you, it will save you a lot in costs.