School trip is something for you?

School trip: is going on a school trip something for you?

Going along with school trip, is that something for you? And why, as a parent, should you or should you not go on a school trip? Some would like to go but others would hate to think about it.

Like the last one I am.

Eyes and ears short

I don’t mind helping at school at all, I do that with great pleasure and of course there are parents who would love to go on a school trip, but not everyone has this. Do you already find it difficult to go out with your own children? After all, they want to see everything and rightly so, there is so much to see. You are literally short of eyes and ears.

It’s just not for everyone. Like me, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the day and kids notice that too. Children have a relaxing day out and that includes relaxed parents, not me.

School trip does get easier as the kids get older though, but still!

Too many applications for school trip

Apart from maybe my kids, no one else is mourning that I didn’t sign up for the school trip. School trip is the only outing for which more than enough parents sign up. There were 10 parents on the list when three were needed.

So there’s nothing wrong with that. And I am certainly not missed.

To the Efteling

The boys go on a school trip to the Efteling. How super is that. This year is a Lustrum year for school and so the school is taking the bus to Kaatsheuvel en masse.

Since the boys read Werewolf(n)roller coaster by Dolfje Weerwolfje, they really want to go here so how happy they were with the announcement. This week they go out. B

I take it

But anyway, now you as a parent have a day off unexpectedly. You don’t have to be at the playground at noon so take it easy. Go shopping undisturbed, enjoy your day for a while!

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How do you guys feel about school trips, are you just a parent who goes along, or do you, like me, let the neighborhood pass you by?