Listen along with the podcast The second – In search of the standard family

Listen in on the podcast The Second – In Search of the Standard Family

A podcast about the book -The Second- about being and having a second child, by Lynn Berger. This book I have read and found this a recognizable and interesting book. This podcast from the correspondent is about the search for the standard family.

The second

Previously a review appeared on my blog about the book – the Second- about being and having a second child. I found this an interesting book and very fun and educational to read as a second daughter in a family and mother of two children.

Podcast about the standard family

Father, mother and two children is often still seen as the standard family. Writer Lynn Berger and radio producer Jair Stein created a podcast of moving, upsetting, sad and hopeful stories about what it means to be part of one of the most basic forms of coexistence there is: the family. A seven-week podcast.

What is a podcast?

I’d heard the term podcast before, of course, but I honestly didn’t know what it was. It is an audio broadcast where the sound file is provided on demand through web feeds. Thanks to the introduction of portable mp3 players such as the iPod, this form of broadcasting quickly became popular among radio amateurs. So the term podcast is a contraction of iPod and broadcast (English for ‘broadcasting’).*

Listening to the stories of others

In Lynn Berger and Jair Stein’s podcast, they and we listen to the stories of others. All in response to the book The Second-about being and having a second child. They put out a call for stories from people who are in one of these standard families and will be broadcasting them over the next seven weeks.

I enjoyed listening to part 1. Just because like in the book there is so much recognition. Why choose to have two children? People are asked about these and I heard answers that I could say myself, but also answers that made my ears ring. One answer you hear in the beginning is, the reason we went for two kids is that this fits easily in the car.

And the family is in balance. Two adults and two children. The people you hear talking feel like your friends, friends with whom you talk about your children and your family.

You will also hear how people themselves view their own childhood, does this determine the choice you make for yourself. It’s about bullying between siblings and basically what you bring from your own childhood to your children. I had this podcast on while I was working on a drawing assignment and found it very interesting to hear and am looking forward to part 2 and all the parts that follow.