The ideal garden set buy it now and enjoy it later

The ideal garden set, buy it now and enjoy it later

It is autumn, I hear you think, what now ideal garden set. But just now you can start looking for one. Do not wait until summer. Buy them now at a discount and they’ll be ready in your yard should spring arrive.

A trampoline in the garden

In September I bought a trampoline. The weather was already getting worse, but this doesn’t mean my kids don’t jump on it anymore. Almost every afternoon my youngest son spends half an hour jumping on the trampoline. Wear thick socks and a winter coat. He finds this delicious. And jumps out all his energy.

Buy now is cheaper

You probably won’t be thinking about an ideal garden set at all right now, but should you need one, it’s not at all wrong to look and buy now. The advantage of buying now is that garden sets are cheaper now than in the summer and you have it ready for when spring comes.

The ideal garden set

What is your ideal garden set? For me, this is definitely a lounge set. We do not have a very large garden, but have created two places where we can sit. A high table with chairs, at which we can eat and work. And a lounge set. This lounge set is a favorite of all four of us. It is so relaxing to be able to sit comfortably on a sunny day. With a lounge set you really create a place to relax in the garden.

VDifferent sizes for a lot or little space

Look for the ideal garden set for your garden. Do you have a small garden or terrace? Or do you have more space in the garden? Have less space at your disposal? No problem! Then choose from one of the lounge sets that consist of lossen sofas or chairs, with this you can create a living room setting in your garden. Because this set consists of separate parts, you can easily shift and create other layouts. Do you have a lot of space? Look for a corner lounge set or a lounge dining set. A lounge dining set is a garden furniture set in which you can lounge as well as eat comfortably. Or; it is a lounge set with a high garden table and a comfortable high bench with a fine seat. Barbecue and go.

Leave your ideal garden set outside

When looking for your ideal garden set, also consider the material. You can choose between plastic and aluminum lounge sets. The big advantage of an aluminum garden lounge set is its durability. Aluminum is lightweight and weather resistant. In addition, the advantage of plastic lounge sets is again that the colors and shapes can vary.

How to store your ideal garden set?

The cushions of your lounge set can be stored in the shed, but beware of moisture stains. You can then opt for a storage bag then you can be sure they stay clean. For the lounge set itself, we have covers that we pull over the chair, sofa and table. This keeps the lounge set clean and lasts for years.