When to refill your central heating boiler

When should you refill your boiler and how do you do it?

With a central heating boiler it is important that it always functions properly. A boiler ensures that there is hot water in your home. Sometimes your boiler is empty and needs to be refilled. Want to know the best way to refill the central heating boiler?

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Refill the boiler regularly

A boiler ensures that there is hot water in your home. Allows you to heat your home and not have to stand under a cold shower. Therefore, you want it to work properly.

What if the boiler is empty and needs refilling? But how to do this.

What you need?

Is it time and are you going to refill the central heating?? Then there are some supplies that you can use during this job. You can often do this job yourself. You can, of course, ask for help from someone in your household.

First of all you need a bucket for the water. There is a good chance you will spill, therefore keep a towel handy. This way you can easily wipe off the water.

You also need a filling hose. With a filling hose you make sure water gets into a central heating boiler. This is very important for this job.

Depending on your central heating boiler, you may need to use water pump pliers. Look carefully at your boiler so you know what you need.

Getting Started

If you are going to top up the boiler, the first step is to lower the room temperature. After this you can turn off the boiler. Unplug it.

Now connect the filling hose to the water tap on the boiler and carefully run the water through the filling hose to remove air. Next, it’s time to connect the filling hose to the heating system filling valve.

Is this all working out? Then it’s time to open the water tap and then the filling tap. There is a pressure gauge on the heating system. You have to keep filling so that the pressure gauge indicates between 1.5 and 2 bar. Now you can shut everything down.

Place the bucket under the tap when you are going to take everything off. The last step is to turn the boiler back on and turn up the room temperature. It can be so easy.

Importance of central heating boiler maintenance

It is important for you and your boiler that you continue to maintain it properly. Not everyone understands and sees in time that something is seriously wrong with the boiler. With boiler maintenance you are often on time to the problem which is better for your wallet. So you run less risk of ending up with a broken central heating boiler that prevents the whole household from having a nice hot shower.

You ensure that the life of the boiler is extended.

What if you didn’t keep up with this on a regular basis?

What are the consequences if you don’t have maintenance done? Then you have a good chance that the central heating boiler will break down. After all, the central heating boiler needs regular cleaning.

In addition, carbon monoxide can be released. This is a very serious problem that you especially want to avoid. Carbon monoxide is very harmful to your health.

Have someone come by once in a while to check the boiler.