All about baby teeth and a super

All about baby teeth and a super cute tooth

Super exciting and also a little scary. The first time your little one comes to you and says;’My tooth is loose’. I remember this very well. I thought that was something, such a loose wiggling tooth.

And then that look when it came out. With the question;’ What do we do with it now?’ And all those baby teeth to come? Where do we leave these?

Today I show you a very unique tooth box.


I remember that I was never a hero with loose teeth. I think my mom or dad always gave that final push on the tooth so they were out. That loose wiggle in my mouth, I didn't like that at all. My mother kept our baby teeth in a box and this one was on the windowsill.

Where they are now? And if they are still there? I would not know.

Here, both boys were very quick to get teeth. When they were about four months old, there came the first teeth. They both changed at their own pace.

The eldest was super quick and has now, at 10 years, changed everything and all the molars that need to come are already there. While the youngest of eight now has to change quite a lot.

cheese teeth

Because they were so quick to grow teeth, they started going to the dentist at an early age. The eldest was then immediately referred to the pediatric dentist. He has cheese teeth.

Cheese teeth are molars whose protective enamel layer is not developed or not developed properly. Some or all of the molars are cheesy in color and can also look a little bumpy. They are more sensitive than other molars because the outer layer is weaker.

Kids with cheese teeth have more cavities than peers without cheese teeth.For this reason we go for checkups every three months. One time to the pediatric dentist and the other time to the dental hygienist. That is why I am quite conscious about sugar in sodas and sweets and so on.

Dental visits

It's not wrong to introduce children to the dentist at an early age anyway. It is and always will be exciting and if they just watch the first few times, when you are in the chair, they can calmly get used to the idea of the dentist. And when they got the first baby teeth themselves they also sat in the chair.

Where to keep the teeth from the milk teeth

And then your child has a loose tooth that could fall out at any moment. But where do you keep them? After all, it is and remains a special moment when your child goes from baby teeth to adult teeth.

You can put these milk teeth in a tooth box. Here you have plenty of examples.

I found a very funny tooth box now though, for a very nice price. What's so special about this tooth box? In this wooden tooth box there is room for every baby tooth of the little one. In addition, you can also store two locks of hair as a reminder for later. The lid of the tooth box has space for all the personal details of the owner of the teeth.

In addition, the inside has English designations for all the teeth. There is a boys– and girls version of this tooth box.

Tooth box specifications

  • Made of wood
  • With English text
  • Easy to finish
  • All the milk teeth can be in their own place.
  • Dimensions: 13,5 x 13,5 x 4 cm

Here is all the information about the tooth box.

Do you have a special tooth box for your children's baby teeth?