Stay your dreams with dreams or you strive

Your dreams remain with dreams or you strive for them

In a few weeks I will be at Schiphol again, to pick up my sister and her family. When I think about this, I’ll be happy again. Of course because my sister is coming to the Netherlands, but also because Schiphol makes me so happy.

For me, Schiphol is a sense of freedom, dreaming after hunting, and happiness.

Chasing dreams

I have always had dreams. I am really a dreamer, used to be on the bike and just bike passing by. Pure because I was daydreaming. Dreaming is good and of course you can’t realize all dreams, that would be great.

All you can only make the truth a few percent, then you are already doing very well.

Away from the Netherlands

I dreamed about going away, away from the Netherlands. Just for a moment. Not soaked, but longer. I wanted to leave after my studies.

But what did I do. I go wild to Paris, become au-pair, but my French was bad. I wanted to go to America to a Summercamp.

However, the moment this started, I was full in my exam. Then I saw an advertisement about working and traveling through Australia. Backpacking for a year.

That would be.

Work hard, but also a lot of fun, twenty years ago in Australia

Traveling was not over

In 1997 I went to Australia for a year and what a dream this was. Work and travel with the earned money again. In that year I traveled throughout the country. And in 1999 I started my first real job as a nurse in the hospital. Still the journey continued to attract virus, I dreamed of another trip.

Plans were made. And in Zoo1 my sister and I left for America for six months. We bought a car, had taken a tent and traveled throughout the country.

Dreaming with the family

Of course you don’t have dreams alone. You can also have dreams with friends, family or your family. We had such a dream too. Lit by my stories about my journey, we decided to go to America and Canada with our children of the age of three and a year, seven months. Seven months of traveling in a camper. ’ don’t know where you would be in the evening, just go and enjoy.

From each other and the country.

to dream

A dream that I was allowed to achieve with my family with my sister and ten years later. Traveling through America

But I dream through

Schiphol gives me that feeling of a dream of freedom. I once thought of working as a nurse at Schiphol but realized that I can never do this. I would like to leave every time, pack my bags and travel.

But even now I still dream. At the beginning of this year I already wrote about the dream I had and of course it doesn’t stop there, because keeping dreaming is so important.