Leaving the vacuum cleaner for a week-the don’t vacuum challenge

Leaving the vacuum cleaner for a week – the no vacuuming challenge

‘Just wait until you have children, then vacuum your every day’. I remember a colleague saying this to me. My husband and I both worked full-time at the time and did all the household chores on weekends. During the week we weren’t at home much, one vacuuming was enough.

These days, I am often reminded of my former colleague’s comment whenever I take the vacuum cleaner out of the closet again. I vacuum every day. So you understand that I had to swallow when I was asked to participate in the ‘ one week no vacuuming challenge’.

Leaving the vacuum cleaner in the closet for a week

When I was approached to take part in the no vacuum challenge, I had to think for a moment. Of course I love these kinds of challenges. And as a ‘housewife’ I nature totally fit into a challenge like this.. But not vacuuming for a week. With two kids and a remodeling of bedrooms.

So is it a good idea? Oh well, why not! So the Sunday before, I went through the whole house with the vacuum cleaner and then it was -together with the cot- put under lock and key for a week.

Well I was allowed to use the dustpan and brush, so I was able to sweep away most of the crumbs.

In the middle of a renovation

At the moment we are busy renovating the children’s rooms. My husband had already done the dusting on Saturday, so there wasn’t much of a mess this week. I swept every afternoon after lunch with dust and dustpan under the table and along the coffee table.

Actually this went quite well for a week. I couldn’t reach the ceiling with the dustpan, so every now and then I would see a speck of dust, but I just looked over it this week.

And now vacuuming again

After one week the challenge was over. The Challenge ran from Monday 11 to Sunday 17 September. Sunday I was allowed to vacuum again and I started to do that immediately.

For this I used my new Sauber vacuum cleaner.

What I think of the Sauber vacuum cleaner

Well, after a week of not vacuuming there was quite a bit of crumbs and dust on the floor, under the couch and in the rest of the house. I was glad when I could use it again. The Sauber vacuum cleaner is great to use. It has a capacity of 3 liters, making it very light. Ideal when you want to take it upstairs to vacuum the rooms as well.

The container is very easy to open and then empty. What I really like is that the nozzle is low, so it fits under all cabinets and low tables.

Because of the long cord, I do not have to take it from outlet to outlet, but could vacuum the whole room at once. The cord rolls itself up and what I also find ideal is that the attachments are clamped on the stroke. This way you always have it handy and grab it quickly.

You can also attach the handle to the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easy to store in the hallway closet. The suction power of the Sauber Multicyclone V60 is very powerful.

SPECIFICATIONS of the Sauber vacuum cleaner.

  • New cyclone system prevents dust from settling on the filter, maintains optimal suction power
  • No dust bag needed
  • Dust container 3 liters capacity
  • Range of 10 meters
  • Extra large wheels with rubber coating to protect wooden floors
  • Electronic suction control
  • Large suction nozzle, with special technology which optimizes the suction result
  • Includes combo nozzle for hard-to-reach areas and fabric brush
  • Very effective anti allergic using Hepa filter washable
  • Telescopic tube extendable to 92 cm
  • Park assist system for easy storage
  • Automatic cord reel
  • 3 year warranty

A great vacuum cleaner for a great price. This Sauber vacuum cleaner Multicyclone – V60 buy now for €64.99, at Blokker