Not just a record polycarbonate

Not just a record polycarbonate. Everything about Plexiglas

So many people who currently have a renovation done to their house. Not strange when you consider that we have been at home for almost a year and you see things that you want to change right now. Today here the benefits of Plexiglas in a row!

The benefits of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is best known under the name Plexiglas. It is a widely used material in construction because it is stronger than glass and above all lighter. There are more benefits?

Plexiglas as an application for the home

For roofs, polycarbonate is widely used in a clear or opal version. For roof plates, the big advantage is that they are relatively light. The light supply is also less, which means that the plates have somewhat insulating effect.

In comparison with glass, this plastic only lets 30 percent light through.

This means less warmth in the summer.

A strong material

Another advantage is the strength. Polycarbonate is much stronger than glass and is mainly used in public space for that reason. Abri's, light recess screens and windshields.

Glass is sensitive to breakage and vandalism.

The plastic material is up to 2.5 times as strong as glass and can therefore take a beating. Furthermore, it is a pleasant material to edit. It can easily be sawn, drilled or milled.

Non -scratch -resistant

In the case of polycarbonate plates, the fact must take into account that scratches can occur quickly. The material is not scratch resistant. It can be easy to polish.

An important fact is also the fire resistance.

It is advisable to apply UV protection to prevent discolouration.

In the house

Polycarbonate is used in the interior space as safe shower enclosures and doors and separation walls. It is also used in windows instead of fragile glass. And what do you think of the name sign at the front door?

It is often also engraved in Plexiglas.

The versatility of polycarbonate

The versatility of polycarbonate has also been shown by the Coronapandemie. Large splash and cough screens appeared in shops, offices and public transport to prevent infection. In addition to mouth caps, there are main screens that are also made of this material.

In addition to polycarbonate, acrylate is also used frequently.

Acrylate is slightly less strong compared to polycarbonate.