Turn your living room into a classroom

Turn your living room into a classroom

Never thought our living room would be a classroom again. However, this has been the case for almost two weeks and this will probably stay that way. But how do you turn your living room into a classroom, what do you need?

Together we are strong

Not only are we at home 24/7, we are also on each other’s lip throughout the day. The boys have their own room, but preferably downstairs in the living room. They make their schoolwork down anyway, so that I can answer questions if necessary.

I do notice that we are strong together in this entire process of being at home together and have found a rhythm to fill the days with work and home education.

We turn it into a classroom

When the messages came through that the schools would also close, we already started thinking how we would box this together. Quite soon the boys were able to get their school supplies at school and then home education also started at our home. We turn our living room into a classroom every day.

The laptops come on the table and we try to follow the rhythm of a school day. Through Classroom the boys get through what the day should do and with a laptop and their notebooks they can work.

Home education

Our temporary classroom consists of two laptops on which the boys can work, of which a laptop is a bit older and perhaps a bit slow, but for now doing his job well. In addition to the laptops, the boys both have headphones. The teachers send video ’ s, dictation ’ s are read and assignments are explained.

Because they have their own headphones, they do not get in each other’s way and everyone can work at their own pace.

2 in 1 headphone

Well was the youngest luck because we had just ordered headphones for him. He can now use this frequently for school, but also if he watches a video on tablet or smartphone. The headphones are a 2 in 1 headphone. By turning the earpieces, turned into a set of speakers, so that the boys can also listen to music together. Via Bluetooth you can listen to music in optimum quality.

Thanks to a click system, this headphone is easy to fold together so that it takes up less space. These headphones come from Hasjesdirect. Here they also sell covers for smartphones including phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Less active yourself

It is all nice that we turn our living room into a classroom, but I do notice that working occasionally joins it. It’s just busy with four in a room. The boys ask a lot of questions for their school work and occasionally I really have to sit down for it.

Now I am completely right! And I catch up on my work when they are done with their duties and in the meantime I am also busy optimizing my blog site.

What do you need to turn your living room into a classroom:

You probably also work at home now and the children are also busy with home education. Have found a lot of columns now twist. If you are still searching, so we make a classroom of the living room every morning: