What made me happy 31

What made me happy 31

The last weekend of January already. Just a little longer and it will be spring. I can't wait.

The last few days I felt a bit like I was being lived. All great stuff but I couldn't find the time to blog, bit of a shame. Luckily I can now sit back and share with you my weekly summary of the things that made me happy.

This week we booked our flights to Central America and I had a nice trip with my sister.

What made me happy #31

The week started with great weather. Where the week before I went through life like an eskimo, on Monday I walked our daily round without a coat. Lovely.

The little man played a lot outside. Getting dirty in his mud kitchen. You don't want to know what the patio looks like now (and his clothes), but it was lovely outside.

It makes you feel better.

For years I've been saying I want a savings account for my little man. Somehow I never got around to it or forgot again. Last week I put it on our to-do list again. And yes, both kids finally have a savings account. Bad parenting, I know haha.

So this week I got to pick up a present for them at the bank. Where of course I arrived without identification and had to survive a cross-examination before I could take the backpack with me. But hey, it turned out well.

that made me happy 31

With my sister I drove to Amsterdam this week. A fun day at Jumping Amsterdam (horse event). Fun was definitely fun but we ran out pretty quickly. So we moved our fun to the center and did some great shopping.

Then we got pretty corny from two hours of traffic jams, so we have a mountain of bad selfies on our phones again.

Talking about bad selfies. Since you can find these every week in my summaries ‘what made me happy’, also this week another very charming one. My youngest dog, Blazer, was in a lovely mood.

Of course I had to cuddle with them.

Last week you could already read that we are busy arranging a long trip with the children. In the meantime we booked the flights to Panama and Costa Rica! We are really looking forward to that.

The little man is already sharpening his world knowledge with his Tiptoi.

What made you really happy this week? Do you ever stop to think about that?



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