With these Sinterklaas packages you can arrive this year

These Sinterklaas packages will help you arrive this year

What should you give your husband for St. Nicholas, your employees or your father-in-law?? The older we get, the shorter the wish lists and therefore Charles us with the cutest Sinterklaas packages. So whether you want to send a gift to someone or play a St. Nicholas game with friends, these gifts will always be right for you.

How many days until Sinterklaas

Time flies, after a wonderful summer we can slowly start preparing for the busy December month. Now is not a bad time to start making wish lists. You better start thinking of Sinterklaas gifts for your family, friends or staff on time.

But not everyone celebrates Sinterklaas

More and more people are choosing to give gifts to each other at Christmas, you’ll understand. Because when children grow up, this is often a logical step. Still, it is nice to surprise someone on December 5, even if they cannot attend your St. Nicholas celebration. On Charles.en find mailbox gifts and packages.

So you can surprise someone close to you with a chocolate letter by mail or a bottle of bubbles.

What should I give now

Maybe you celebrate Sinterklaas with leads, play a Sinterklaas game with friends or the Sinterklaas packages are waiting in a big burlap sack outside the door. No matter how you celebrate December 5, children often have their wish lists ready for Santa months in advance, but adults. They often have more trouble making a wish list. After all, they already have everything.

This year you will be original with the nicest (and tastiest) Sinterklaas gifts.

The Good Thought in Life

What is part of the good life? Celebrate December with one of Charles’ Sinterklaas packages.en. This can be a package with a festive cava, a mix for speculaas biscuits and liqueur of speculaas, chocolate pepernoten and a chocolate letter. Of course you can also choose between a non-alcoholic package or a package with beer and bubbles! If you celebrate Sinterklaas at your home on December 5, then just have the Sinterklaas gifts delivered to your home, but if your best friend, your father-in-law or someone else can’t be there, then of course you can have this package sent to them.

If that’s not a surprise!

Can I also give this to my staff

Employers like to surprise their employees during the holidays, so these Sinterklaas packages are of course ideal. This time no package in the shoes but via letterbox or post package a Sinterklaas gift sent home.