Photography as a hobby where do you start and what do you photograph

Photography as a hobby, where do you start and what do you photograph

Photography As a hobby, you see it more and more. Partly due to the popularity of Instagram, because here you can obviously show off your beautiful photos’s just fine. But what do you need now all you want to photograph and does not cost a lot?

I put everything in a row.

Photography as a hobby

How did I get to this topic, well actually very easy. I like taking pictures and during the summer vacations I discovered that photography has really become a hobby, in the sense that besides the familiar family snapshots, I saw more and more beautiful places, beautiful subjects, which were perfect for a picture and then there was nobody else on it. Something I would not photograph much before.

It struck me that there is so much beauty to see, if you just look around you.

Where to start

We all take pictures and nowadays photography has become a lot more manageable. You don’t have to bring an expensive or heavy camera’s, because with a phone you’ll also make great pictures. Yet I take photographs with a compact camera in addition to my mobile phone. I bought this years ago for taking pictures’s and video’s for my blog and Youtube channel. I am still very satisfied with this camera.

Partly because it is so easy to use.

You can make it as expensive as you want

As with anything, you can make photography as expensive as you want it to be. Roughly there are three types of cameras’s: compact camera’s, system camera’s and SLR’s. A compact camera has a fixed lens and with a system camera and an SLR you decide which lens you shoot or film with. But taking pictures with a mobile is also possible, especially if it is your hobby.

Probably you place your photos’s mainly on Instagram and then a ‘real camera’ is certainly no longer necessary.

Buying extras’s

Besides a phone or camera, you can buy a tripod, of course. A tripod is easy if you want to film sunsets and sunrises, but also for ‘selfies’ but the old-fashioned way with the self-timer. A tripod is also easy to use when photographing flowers or plants.

Finally, you keep the camera straight and still then.

What do you photograph

Whatever your photography hobby is, that’s up to you. I have photographed my children for years and I still do, but I find it more and more fun to photograph ‘other’ things like art, flowers, things you encounter. If you start paying attention, you will see more and more beautiful things.

On vacation in Switzerland I came across hearts all the time, by photographing them I got a very nice series.

Looking for objects to photograph looking for what you want to photograph

Go out and take pictures’s

I enjoy going out and consciously looking around. Looking at what I want to photograph to make photography a hobby. With photography it’s like with so much, you can make it as expensive as you like.

But one thing, go try it, that’s the advantage of these days. if the picture fails, you throw it away. If you have any great tips, feel free to leave them behind.