50 years Young! Lego Duplo Celebrates Half A Century of Great Building Fun

50 years Young ! Lego® Duplo® Celebrates Half A Century of Great Building Fun

LEGO® DUPLO®, my kids played with it a lot. Where I immediately believed the fabeltjeskrant had Been Around for 50 years, I can hardly imagine this with lego® duplo®. At Least, I never played with this myself.

Celebrating Birthdays

I Got to Blow Out Forty-Five Candles This Week, So I Am Of That Era, So To Speak. Have you ever played with them? This year marks Exactly 50 Years Since the Lego Group Unveiled Its First Big Building Block for Little Hands. I Received this Press Release Full of Interesting Facts About LEGO® DUPLO® and Am Happy to Share It With You Here:

Building Blocks for Life

People like to play, it’s our nature. This Is How We Learn to Understand The World Around Us. What it mean to belong and how it feels to be loved and happy. From birth to age, children go through a profound neurological transformation. In that short period of four years, they undergo the fastest learning and development process they will ever experience. And at the end of it there is a kind ‘blueprint’ ready of their adult version in the making.

What parents worldwide think of DUPLO

This is precisely why we take so much care in developing LEGO® DUPLO® products. We want to inspire toddlers and help them develop through creative, playful experiences that shape their future. And we are not alone in saying that. In the 2018 LEGO Play Well Report, we asked more than 9.000 parents around the world for their opinion of the LEGO System in Play. 94% think it stimulates their child’s imagination, 93% say it helps their child be creative, 91% judge that it helps their child learn and discover new things and 84% believe it helps their child develop social skills. Oh, and 91% also think it’s just a really fun activity for the whole family!

A bunny … and his friends

In the late ’70s, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen-LEGO Group-owner of the third generation-decided to further develop LEGO DUPLO into a separate brand. The LEGO® DUPLO® LOGO With the Red Rabbit Has Not Disappeared from the Packaging Since then. Like Every Famous Icon, It Has had a few makeovers over the years, but the rabbit remains the symbol of the brand.

The familiar Creature Didn’t Stay Alone for Long. A Host of Other Duplo Animals Were Added-Horses, Sheep and Cows, As Well as Elephants, Lions and Even Dino ’ S. Over the years, numerous other duplo figures have leg added – farmers and policemen, doctors, cowboys, scientists, “cheeky boys” and their hipster parents … In Short, Something for Every Little Builder to Spark His or Her Imagination and the Stepping Stone to Unique Storytelling and Role-Playing.

Quality and Safety

Our Biggest Inspiration and Reason for Existence Are the Children. They are also our main concern. Children Should Be Able To Play Safely with Our Products. That is The Most Important Thing for Us. All Our Products Meet Or Exceed The Strictest International Toy Safety Regulations. For All Our Physical and Digital Gaming Experiences, We always work from a Safety-by-Design Approach, Taking Safety Into Account Right From Design. We do this by age grouping so that children can play at their appropriate level while being challenge at the same time. Because we put our products in the hands of ’ the world’s most creative minds, they must also withstand extremely various experiences and big emotes. They are bitten, swallowed, thrown around the room in a tantrum, stepped on (very recognizable) or pulled by determined young explorers. So we have to be at least as creative when testing our products-so we test for things they are intended … and AB-so-Lutely Not Intended For! Take a look at the real experts here. Always Nice to Be Able To Take A Look Behind The Scenes.

The Next 50 Years and Far Beyond

IF LEGO® DUPLO® Were a Human Being, He’d Be Thinking About Retirement by Now. Taking It A Little Easier. But we don’t! With physical play and digital play Increasingly Merging, Products Like the New Lego Duplo Steam Train and Freight Train Are Helping Toddlers Navigate Between Them Effortlesly Like Never Before. Little Builders Are Already Getting Their First Introduction to Programming, Learning to Recognize Colors And Discovering Accompansying Apps Packed With Fun Activities-All With The Main Goal of Further Encouraging and Enhancing the Physical Play Experience. The Building Block is and will Remain our Key Element, with which we hope to inspire and further develop Tomorrow’s builders. Who Knows What New Batch of Space Travelers The Lego Duplo – Game World is Spawning? LEGO® DUPLO® and the Wonderful World of A Child

Do You Often Marvel At How Creative Little Ones Can Be With Lego® Duplo® Building Blocks? ? Get 10 More Inspiration for Lots of Fun From Thesis 10 Best ever LEGO® DUPLO® Play Ideas.

Did you know this about LEGO® DUPLO®?

Did you know that the name Duplo® is derived from the Latin Word ‘Duplex’ Meaning Double? The Name First Surfaced In 1969 With the Launch of Two LEGO® Duplo Sets-NO. 510 and no. 511 To Be Exact.

Did you know that the lego duplo bricks are twice as big as the classic lego bricks in Height, Width and Depth?? As a result, they all fit perfectly into the famed lego system in play (with which children can build endles ly). Finding That 2: 1 Scale Turned Out To Be Not So Easy. We Tried It First With A 4: 1 Scale. Then with A 3: 1 Scale. Until Godtfred Kirk Christiansen-Lego Group-Owner of the Second Generation- in 1968 (in His Sleep!) Came Up With The Idea Of Making the Studs of the Lego Duplo Building Blocks Hollow. So They Could Easily Be Combined with the Classic Lego Building Blocks. And formed the basic for safe lego creations that are suuitable for the smallest.