New Coblo Colorful Magnetic Toys

New: Coblo Colorful, Magnetic Toys

The new toy brand Coblo will be launched on 1 September. Coblo is colorful, Magnetic toy With which children can build endless creations. Toy brand Coblo brings an American trend to the Netherlands.

The new toy brand Coblo

Coblo will be launched in the Netherlands on 1 September. Coblo is colorful and magnetic toys. Children can build with this for hours. Former marketing director Elzemiek van Berkel discovered in America how much pleasure children have with magnetic building blocks and the versatility of this toys in the educational field.

Elzemiek decided to bring this idea to the Netherlands.

With a lot of attention for quality, safety and design, she developed her own version under the brand name Coblo. And is therefore for sale at Bol from 1 and on coblo.NL.

Creative and educational

Coblo consists of colorful, magnetic building blocks that are easy to click together. Children build their own fantasies endlessly with this. This ensures hours of fun, but also for the development of the creative brain.

In addition, Coblo is ideal for discovering numbers, letters and patterns.

This makes the toy with many possibilities. Responding to the current toy trends, Coblo has also included a magnetic marble track and race track in the range.

Open ended toy

Coblo falls under the category “ open ended toys ”. Open Ended Toys is toys without imposed game pattern, which gives the child the space to let the imagination run free. It stimulates creativity and imagination and grows with every child. In every subsequent phase of life, the child can let go of the imagination in a new way.

A simple 2D Coblo house built by a young child turns into a 3D Coblo castle complex with more details in an older child.

This makes it interesting and very sustainable for years. Coblo provides infinite creations and therefore endless construction and playing pleasure.